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Warehouse for rent: Cuu Long will build the foundations

Need to rent a number of factories, workshops with large area, nice and airy location – Area: 14000m2; 61.5m frontage; 3 sides adjacent to the 12m wide internal road; can be divided into the rented area Price: only 55 thousand dong / m2 – 1st floor, 45 thousand dong / m2 – 2nd floor; add fire protection standard surcharge 10 thousand / m2 – Industrial zone11: Area 20739m2; The bare land can be built according to the needs of customers, the price is only 55 thousand / m2 – CN2: Area 4141m2, bare land can be built according to customer needs only 55 thousand / m2 – Wine factory area: Area Area: 7400m2, 5 floors, frontage 40m2, front side is Le Huu Tuu street, the back side is adjacent to the internal road of 15m wide industrial zone, very spacious and airy For rent floors 2,3 and 1000m2. 1 If necessary, the unit hires a lot, the factory is fully equipped with a fire protection system according to standards; Price is only 65,000 VND / m2 1st floor, 55 thousand / m2 2nd floor, 3rd floor All industrial zones are fully legal, factory water supply, paved access road, 15m wide, 5m sidewalk, container truck. comfortable. gateway, convenient traffic, adequate infrastructure, very clean, beautiful campus, cool

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