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Real estate investment, construction and business of Cuulong corp

Investing, constructing and trading real estate: Outsourcing helps companies survive and prosper in times of economic crisis, thanks to doing business with a more efficient method than their competitors, reducing business costs. while ensuring the high quality of the goods or services. So what is outsourcing? Has your company approached this modern business model? Outsourcing (or Outsource) is a form in which a company transfers the performance of a business or service activity to an outside service provider, including physical assets and human resources. At that time, the company will focus its resources on doing things that “I know I do better than others” and transfer to third parties to do the part that “they do better than me and others”. The benefits Outsourcing brings to businesses The costs that customers spend to outsource services are often much lower than customers’ self-building fixed asset systems including technical machinery, software, offices as well as human resources: salary, income tax, health insurance, social insurance to do that part. The form of outsourcing not only helps businesses save costs but also saves time building systems, hiring staff and training personnel. Outsourcing suppliers are highly professional because they are professional units in the field they operate, so they have a system of training for employees, advanced technology, quality monitoring system. staff quality and ensure a smooth service process. Since then, the quality of goods has been improved. Outsourcing suppliers have the advantage of human resource coordination, they always have a backup plan when employees quit their jobs or have a mechanism for a number of employees to alternate, ensuring the work is always operated continuously. . In addition, these providers also reward and remind employees to high positions, so employees are motivated to improve their expertise and stay with the job.

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